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The industry’s most skilled Personal Trainers and Boot Camp instructors: bringing you Personal Training from a Private Studio and Southampton’s ONLY Boot Camp that takes place outdoors but under cover!

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Who are the Faster Personal Training & Boot Camp Southampton Team?

Hello! We believe everybody has the right to a healthy and happy quality of life, feeling fantastic and being able to move with confidence and without pain.

Our personal training is results based: helping you reach your personal goal FASTER by helping you learn the tools you will use to get results and KEEP THEM from your personal training.

How is this done? We will work closely with you as an individual, giving you the knowledge and tools to stop yo-yoing and avoid any further weight loss fads, gimmicks and scams and start living a healthy, happy and maintainable lifestyle!

We each became Personal Trainers to help people stop making the same diet and exercise mistakes over and over again, without getting any results.

With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, our team of advanced Southampton personal trainers operate from Eastleigh and an exclusive private studio in Park Gate, Southampton.

This allows you to experience the highest standard of Personal Training in Southampton in a totally private and non-intimidating environment.

personal trainer southampton boot camp

Are you looking to:

– drop unwanted inches
– increase your fitness and have more energy
– get back into the clothes you feel are a bit tight
– improve the way you eat
– spend far less time exercising but get far better results
– tone up for your holiday, wedding or special occasion
– be able to move day to day without pain stopping you

as personal trainers, we work closely with you as a unique individual.

We also work closely with physical, psychological and nutritional experts. This means we are always fully assisted to help you achieve the BEST RESULTS from your personal training sessions. As well as have plenty of fun along the way!

The world of personal training is changing – is no longer enough to know how to put together an exercise program! We do not believe in diets, fads or quick fixes. We are here to help you achieve a healthy way of living you can maintain for the rest of your life.

If you live in Eastleigh or the surrounding areas of Southampton, are tired of not seeing results and would like to discuss how you could benefit from having a personal trainer or our Southampton £44 monthly Boot camp (or even to have a look around our Southampton personal training studio) please take that first step by calling us today on 07970131639 or leaving us a message here

We look forward to meeting you really soon!

The FASTER Team x

The FASTER Personal Trainer & Boot Camp Southampton Team

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