Ben Smith: Personal Trainer and Southampton Boot Camp Instructor

Ben Southampton Personal trainer Boot campCoaching people through their personal journeys has has always been an enjoyable and exciting aspect of being a personal trainer, not just from providing the physical programs but also the mental and psychological help that is often needed with any type of goal.

In the past, I’ve opened and run a small gym in Southampton and trained people through various goals such as fitness challenges, walks, mountain climbs and runs, to bodybuilding competitions and of course the most common fat loss goals, like fitting into your clothes again.

I have run a variety of fitness classes such as Fight Klub, Spin, Circuits and Tabbata, where there’s always been such a good vibe and positive atmosphere – I hope to provide the same with you at the Southampton Boot camp and that you enjoy them as much as you can!

I believe if it something doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you, so if the Boot camp classes ever feel a little (or very) challenging, I’m very accompanying and always approachable – so if there’s ever anything you’d like to talk over, I’d love to help so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for having me and I very much look forward to helping you all on your individual Boot camp journeys!

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