Boot Camp FAQs

Can I start my six week course at any time?

Bootcampers all start the six week course at the start of each course.

Can I turn up to any 2 evenings each week?

Yes, unless you hear otherwise if a particular session is full or too busy, then you can choose any 2 out of 4 sessions to attend.

Do I have to do the same 2 evenings each week?

You can do any 2 sessions out of the 4 each week.

Do I need to let you know which evenings I’m doing?

Once you’ve secured your place on the course, you can attend any 2 sessions out of the 4. 

Can I pay as I go?

Boot camp is pay in advance only. Places are booked in advance and allocated on a first come, first served basis. This is to ensure everybody gets the same level of care and attention within the group. 

I’m going to be away for some of a course, can I pay for the weeks that I’m here?

If you let us know before booking your place on the course, then we will do our best to accommodate you for the weeks that you are here, where possible. 

What happens during cricket season?

Our courses run continuously, so in event of a late-finishing or international match, we will always provide notice if a class is not going be running. If an international match lasts longer than two days, we will pause the course until it has finished so at least three out of the four weekly classes will be running. You will always be notified of any schedule changes in your weekly emails and in the private Facebook group.

I’ve booked my place, what now?

We will send you a confirmation email with forms to complete & bring back to your first class. (If you haven’t already at your taster session) You will then receive your first email with menu & a link to subscribe within GDPR regulations in order to receive them each week. 

Do I have to follow the weekly menus?

The menus are nutritional guidelines with recipes and ideas to help supplement your new healthier lifestyle choices, that we send to you each week. What you do with them is up to you!

I’m not receiving the weekly emails!

Once you’ve booked your place you are automatically added to the mailing list for that course. So, if the emails are not hiding in your SPAM folder, please email immediately, as we have no way of knowing if you haven’t received them!

I can’t get into the private Boot camp Facebook group!

We add every Bootcamper to our private Facebook group at the start of each course and also send the link to join in your first email. So please make sure you have provided the email address linked to your Facebook account if the one we have for you is different, in order for it to work.

How soon do I need to book my place for the next course?

As places are limited and sell out fast, we encourage booking as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment. This is why many Bootcampers book two or even three courses at a time!

We recommend putting a reminder in your phone at the half way point of each course and will always keep you updated in the weekly emails when places are filling up even faster than usual (so please make sure you read them!)

Do I get priority booking if I’m already a Bootcamper?

The limited places on each Boot camp course are allocated on a first come first served basis. So whether you’re a newcomer or veteran this is why we encourage booking as early as possible in order to avoid missing out!

I’ve missed out on a place, what now?

We can add you to the waiting list to inform you if a place becomes available. You can also book on to the following course to avoid missing out again and having to wait another six weeks to start!