Dan Ferrier: Personal Trainer and Southampton Boot Camp Instructor

Dan Southampton Personal trainer Boot camp

As a Southampton-based personal trainer and Boot camp instructor, I aim to improve the lives of my clients and bootcampers by helping them lead more enjoyable active lifestyles through the use of scientifically proven fitness and exercise methods.

My passion for the fitness industry began when I was just 16. I was part of the Wales under 16 national Hockey squad and the strength and conditioning sessions we took part in started to get me thinking about my potential future career.

I decided I wanted to help others become stronger, fitter and healthier. As I progressed through my education at college, I decided I would prefer to work with more people than just those in the sporting community so decided to look into becoming a personal trainer.

I looked over the many different ways to become certified as a personal trainer and decided to go down the route of doing alongside a University degree as I felt this would give me a much broader range of knowledge and a better scientific knowledge on the physiology of exercise.

In September 2014 I began that degree. I had chosen to do a BSc in Fitness and Personal Training at Southampton Solent University. My degree followed a varied curriculum looking at the physiology of exercise, the anatomy of the body, the psychology of behaviour change, clinical exercise, research methods in sport as well as professional practice in the fitness industry alongside many others.

This allowed me to develop a varied set of skills that can now be used to better a variety of different peoples lives as well as how to more effectively increase my own knowledge (something we should all be striving to do everyday) to allow me to help even more people in the future.

Through this degree I managed to learn from the expertise and past experiences of many published and successful individuals which has helped shape me into the personal trainer I am today.

In my boot camp classes, I focus on strength and conditioning and preparing the body for anything life can throw at it. Hopefully we can have a lot of fun during the sessions while you smash your goals, I look forward to meeting and working with you all!

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