The reason in my opinion calorie controlled diets don’t work.

On the whole calorie restriction will make you lose weight, if the deficit you create is sufficient enough.
For example if a womans BMR (Basel metabolic rate) is 1450 calo

ries a day, and she restricts her calorie
intake to 1100. Creating a deficit of 350 calories a day. This deficit is probably significant enough for this
person to lose weight. This is how capris controlled diets work.

Now what most people do not realise is that as your weight decreases, so does your BMR. So let me give
you this example, the same woman has now been calorie restricted for a few months and all is going
well, but as with most people who have dieted over time weight loss starts to slow and eventually stop,
and in worst case scenario starts to put it on. So now this woman’s BMR which was 1450 calories starts
to come down, so let’s say her new BMR after 6 months is 1150 calories, but she is still restricting at
1100 calories a day, creating a calorie deficit of 50 calories. This deficit is not sufficient enough to keep
up with weight loss, but if she went down to 850 calories a day, this would probably induce weight loss
again, or if she just wanted to keep the weight off she had lost, she would need to eat around 1100
calories a day forever. Effectively on a diet for the rest of her life!!

Is it realistic to eat 850 calories a day? In my opinion NO, as in 100g of fillet steak their is approximately
190kcal,and also in my opinion life is about having fun, living etc not virtually starving yourself thin!

A lot of modern research suggests that calorie restricted diets are nonsense, and that eating better
quality, less refined foods, and might I add more food not less, is the way forward.

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