Jason Skellen: Southampton Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor

Southampton Personal trainer Boot camp

I’m highly motivated, extremely enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoy working with people and helping them improve their health and achieve their goals.

As a personal trainer I understand just how hard this journey can be as I have also been faced with seemingly impossible obstacles along the way. What became clear to me through these difficulties was that with patience, dedication, hard work, self belief and a little help from people around me I was able to finally overcome them.

I give 100% to the person or persons I am working with and I am always looking to improve as a trainer to ensure you get the very best in fitness instruction, whether it’s boot camp or one-to-one personal training.

I’ve lived and worked mainly in London during my time as a Personal Trainer with a wide variety of clients working from locations such as tiny rooms, parks, top floor office blocks and back stage at the Brit Awards.

I have been away from the industry for a while but my passion and enthusiasm remains unchanged and I am really excited to be getting back to why I do best and working with you to inspire you on your own fitness journey enjoying a few laughs along the way. Have a great day and I’ll see you all soon!