Faster Personal Training Southampton £60 6 Week Bootcamp

The Faster Team Personal Training Southampton Eastleigh Boot Camp

Welcome to the friendliest most effective fat-burning Boot Camp in Southampton!

Faster Personal Training Southampton £60 6 Week Bootcamp

Becky lost three dress sizes! Read her story below

Looking for the Southampton Boot Camp Eastleigh you can stick to?

Fancy dropping a dress size in as little as six weeks?

Want an Eastleigh Boot Camp exercise class suitable for all fitness levels and abilities that doesn’t break the bank?

Join our Faster Team of Personal Trainers’ Southampton £44 monthly Boot Camp in Eastleigh and watch those inches melt away!

We created our Eastleigh Fat-burning Boot Camp to stop people spending more money than they need on gym memberships, home fitness equipment, exercise DVDs, the list goes on! So you can cut spending without cutting down on your health, fitness and more importantly your RESULTS!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Drop unwanted inches meaning look you’ll look great over the summer
  • Increase in energy levels making you feel more alert and less lethargic
  • Look more toned meaning you will have the body that you have always desired
  • Detailed nutritional guidance plans (emailed to you each week) with recipes so you don’t have to worry about what you can and can’t eat
  • Regular measurements and ongoing support so you don’t have to worry about what the scales say

…and much more!

Test drive a session first for just £7! We have limited places so please act fast!

Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-8pm & Saturday 9.30-10.30am

What our Faster Southampton Bootcampers are saying:

“Thanks to the Faster Personal Training Southampton team, I dropped three dress sizes in 12 months!
This was how I looked in June 2012. I’d had a baby in January 2012 and was an unhealthy dress size 16. I was going to Liz’s daytime buggy boot camp with my young daughter during the day twice a week and although I felt fit and felt I was doing the right things to feel that way, I clearly wasn’t.
I was using the class as an excuse to have that extra piece of cake at the Mums coffee mornings most days a week!
Something had to be done…
I decided to start listening to my boot camp instructors. I started boot camp in the evenings and started to drop the cake and reach for the sugar snap peas. I started swapping cups of tea and glasses of wine for lots of refreshing water.
The photo on the right is me in June 2013 at my Dad’s 60th Birthday party with a friend. A fit and healthy size 10 – at last!
Eating the right foods, reducing the amount of not so great foods and drinks and starting to eat clean lean foods and drink lots of water.
I am still on my journey and am learning all the time what is best to eat and not to eat and what is best to drink and not to drink.
This is a life long commitment and journey which I’m sharing with like-minded people and I truly feel the best I have felt for a long time!” – Becky, Hedge End Southampton

“I have been coming to Faster Team’s Southampton boot camp for over a year now and really enjoy the sessions. I like the trainers, the friendly atmosphere, there is no competition between the campers and you don’t feel intimidated. I like being outside rather than in a gym and the flexibility of being able to come any day between Monday to Thursday as life doesn’t always run to a routine! I go home not with just tired muscles but a clear head. I’m fitter, have lost weight and the weekly bulletins make you feel like a valued customerTracey, Hedge End

“I love that all the personal trainer’s boot camp exercises are very inventive and diverse, it is outside whatever the weather as it doesn’t affect us, the encouragement one is given – and the funky tunes! No matter how low a mood I am in before arriving, I always leave with a glow in my face, and my heart!!” Max, Eastleigh

“I first came to the Faster personal trainer team’s boot camp after I realised my declining level of fitness was beginning to impact on my overall health. After a particularly bad episode with my back, I decided that I needed to improve my level of fitness to avoid a repetition. I also wanted to do more fell walking and long distance walking is needed to build up my fitness – it’s worked! I like the variety of exercises that change on a weekly basis and between trainers – there is no feeling of a competition between boot campers , everyone can go at their own pace without feeling embarrassed!Jeff, Hedge End

“The faster team of personal trainers are so supportive and know their stuff – proof is in the pudding (or lack of it!) – I am two dress sizes smaller and I don’t have any injuries or aches and pains, just a sense of achievement and better fitting clothes!” Pamela, Hedge End

“The Faster team of personal trainers’ Boot camp is completely different to anything I have tried before and due to the friendliness of the trainers and other members (and the results I am beginning to see and feel!) it keeps me motivated. I really enjoy the fact that no two sessions are ever the same, it continuously feels like I am challenging my body and working muscles that I never even knew existed! I was nervous about attending my first few sessions, but it quickly became apparent that Gen, Guy and Kate are really friendly and encouraging and the other bootcampers are equally welcoming and supportive. No matter how fit or unfit you are, this really is something that anyone can do.Melanie, Eastleigh Southampton

“There is a variety of fun activities at the Faster team of personal trainers Boot camp, which you can progress and achieve against without feeling ‘the fat kid’!” Sue, West End.

“It is not normal for me to want to do exercise – thanks to Boot camp and the personal trainer team, I lost 16lbs in my first four weeks! You are not judged by how you look, or criticised if you don’t know what you are doing with certain exercises. I know it works as I’ve watched my friend dissolve from a size 18 to a size 10-12 from coming to Boot camp and am now reaping the same rewards of working hard!” Charlotte, Eastleigh

“Boot camp provides a fantastic way of staying outdoors and active, which is great as I’m not a big fan of the gym! It is also a great exercise session to work those often under-used muscle groups without resorting to using a gym. I find it particularly useful during the winter period when I can’t do some of my usual exercise outdoors on an evening.

It’s about the only non-cardio-specific exercise I do, and I’ve found has helped my core strength develop, which means my cardio fitness is improving. Gen has assisted me with functional training on an old knee injury, which means she knows my personal situation and can point out beforehand if an exercise might be awkward for me, and little touches like that are always welcomed!” Richard, Eastleigh, Southampton

“I came to Boot camp to get fit, meet people and generally get toned and feel good about myself. I love the variation of exercise stations and the friendliness of everyone including the team of personal trainers.” Theresa, Hedge End

What makes our Southampton Boot camp different:

■ flexibility: you attend as many classes as you like each week that suit you and your schedule

Faster Personal Training Southampton Boot camp

■ our unique location at The Trojans Rugby Club, Hardmoor Sports Ground, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh SO50 9HT in the fresh air but UNDERCOVER so you can workout whatever the weather!

■ Suitable for ALL fitness levels, ages and abilities: you work at your OWN pace and don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone

■ A completely different circuit each time you attend: you never do the same thing twice!

Faster Personal Training Southampton Bootcamp

■ Exclusively designed seasonal healthy menu plans from a Five Star world class chef and nutritional designer emailed to you each week so you don’t need to worry about what you should and should not eat

■ Fat-burning functional exercises and for you to target and tone those problem areas and get the toned physique you’ve always wanted

■ Ongoing support and guidance from our team of Advanced Personal Trainers whenever you need itFaster Personal Trainer Southampton Bootcamp

■ No gimmicks, no concepts, just fab fat-burning fun and the results you want – FASTER!

To join in the fun click here or call us today on 07970131639 for a £7 taster session and see for yourself the Boot camp in Southampton that’s getting everyone results FASTER!

Need more info? See our Boot Camp FAQs

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Boot Camp T&Cs:

Every participant must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) form before participating.

£44 Boot Camp fee payable in advance by direct debit entitles each participant to classes within each monthly period. Fee is non-transferable. Participants have unlimited attendance to classes per week within the monthly period subject to booking availability of spaces on a first come first served basis.

Newcomers/taster sessions must also be booked in advance to ensure there is sufficient space within the class.

Boot camp is a mutually encouraging and mutually supportive confidence building class. By providing this safe environment, we will all ensure the optimum outcome for each participant. We know that you will respect this endeavour.

Not all exercises will be achievable for each participant. Participants are required to listen carefully to all instructions concerning exercises.

After listening carefully to what is required of you, you as a boot camp attendee will need to make a personal assessment to whether you can perform the exercise safely. If you believe you cannot, please let your instructor know immediately and we will work with you to provide an alternative exercise; for you to achieve your optimum fitness level.

The responsibility for making the judgement about will ultimately be only yours, a boot camp participant, to make.

Our joint aim is for you to achieve your highest level of fitness, as this will be an individual goal.

Newcomers can join at any time within the monthly period, providing there is sufficient space within the class and pay the equivalent fee for the remainder of the monthly course should they wish to continue.

We will strive to ensure as much continuity as possible, but classes may not run on major match days or bank holidays. Participants will always be given sufficient notice in order to plan which nights they attend. Please email  for any further info.

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