Plan Agreement and Training

Once we have the programme designed, then we like to present it to our clients. This allows us to make sure we have not missed anything, and will also give you the chance to shape the content and get the perfect programme for you. It also allows you an opportunity to ask questions and find out what your first session will be like.

Our programmes will contain all aspects of training required to get you through the exact thresholds you need to achieve your results. Each exercise will have purpose, as we will not waste one moment of your time with filler exercises. If you only need 30 minute sessions then that will be all we will advise, because your goal is the only thing we are aiming to achieve.

This component of our programme design is often done by phone, email or a short meeting, so that you can reflect on what we have sent and we can agree how we get you to your goal.

Your programme will be built around your budget, and we believe that he plan and management of the plan is vital for you to achieve your goal. It is worth seeing a FASTER trainer for half of the time you would a usual trainer, just to make sure you get the exact programme and then you are kept on track for the whole time it takes you to get to your goal and then stay there. We sell everything from a 30 minute a month meeting up to 5 sessions a week. Obviously the closer we can train you and monitor your performance the quicker we can get you a result.