Programming Research

Often this is the stage that most personal trainers miss out, and the stage that is most required. The reason most Personal Training clients start to look like their Personal Trainers, and this is because a lazy trainer will just replicate their own training for their client. This is dangerous approach, as it means that the trainer could introduce more challenging and tougher workouts and exercises based on their own progression, not their clients. On the other side of the coin, the Personal Trainer may not be as fit as the client, and so as a client, you will end up not pushing your thresholds and so not improving and the result would be a lack of progress.

We involve our experts in our training programming, and it is based on your assessment results. This is great because we will be exactly matching your specific thresholds with a level of training that is exactly the level you need to achieve great results as fast as you physically can.

The unique style of training we use, will add to your enjoyment and the speed of results you achieve, as we take both your hobbies and your training goal and match them. An example is when we have worked on weight loss and helped clients lose a lot of weight at the same time.

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