Threshold Assessment Design

This process takes place away from you, and is our opportunity to look through our notes and to tailor an assessment specifically to help us design the route to help you to your goal at pace.

In order to get you efficiently to your goals, getting the correct components of a programme together is vital. Cheaper trainers miss this stage and instead train their clients the way they themselves train. This can commonly result in the trainer producing clients who reach the trainer’s own goals, or worse they injure the client who cannot keep up and performs beyond his own limits.

The following is a list of the thresholds we consider testing and why they may be in your assessment:

Active Range of Motion Thresholds

This is the most important of all the tests we do, and it is not your average assessment. We check the ability of your body to move through three planes of motion across all joints in whole body motions. We do not look for norms, but instead we look for your symmetry and ability to cope with the motions you will be subject to as you go through the programme that will get you to your goals. This will appear on everyone’s programme.

Relative Strength Thresholds

For clients whose goals include weight loss without becoming hugely muscular, for people who want to look better without growing too big and people who want to become more healthy. This testing is about seeing how well you can control your own body weight, or weights relative to your body weight.

Actual Strength Thresholds

This is often used for people who want to grow muscle. This is used as the main test for our strength training clients but is also an important component for clients with other goals. It is a vital component of being healthy, it results in muscle hypertrophy (growth) which increases your basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn while you are at rest).

Strength Endurance Thresholds

For our clients who enjoy running, cycling, climbing, walking or working up a sweat, then this will be in your assessment. We also use this with our weight loss clients to work off some serious energy and for our muscle building clients to help them work different muscle fibres.

Speed Thresholds

Mainly for our sports performance clients. Sometimes the exercises are used by other clients too, to keep their programmes varied and keep adaptations happening.

Co-ordination Thresholds

Vital for our wellness and health clients. We also use co-ordination testing with our sports specific performance clients.

Lactate Threshold

This style of training is important to give you the ability to jog, run, skip, hop and other rhythmical movements. The intensity of the exercise performed on this threshold, starts the process of building up lactate acid in your blood. Cross the threshold and then your body cannot clear the lactate as fast as it produces lactate. This eventually causes the muscles affected to become less productive. It is important to work on this, if you want to get a maximum amount of calorie burning effort into your workout, without feeling local muscular fatigue. Working below and on this threshold, then you will adapt by producing more mitochondria (the lab table of the muscles where fat is converted in to useable energy) and bigger mitochondria, which will help you burn more fat.

Anaerobic Threshold

Once the intensity of the exercise becomes so high, that you body is producing more lactate than it can remove, your body will have moved from the aerobic system, to the anaerobic system, which means your body has gone from a system that is predominantly using fat and carbohydrates as energy, to one that uses muscle stored glycogen or other more local energy stores. It is during this training that you are more likely to increase the size of your muscles as an adaptation.

Motivational Thresholds

In order to change, you need to break thresholds, which requires behaviour and lifestlye changes. Sometimes, the result is outweighed by the changes that you need to make. We use coaching and interviewing where required to help you understand what changes you need for what result, and then help you find a plan that you know you can manage, and that will give you a result. We won’t be asking you to go live on an organic farm, sleep with the dark, wake with the light and so on…unless of course you want to!

Nutrition Thresholds

The precise diet you need to get the ultimate results for your body, may not be the one that you wish to adopt. We use a few nutritionists, who can give us different perspectives on food recommendations that work and that fit how you want -or how you have – to eat. This is vital, especially as today’s Personal Trainers often want to tell you to eat like a caveman, when you have to eat a buffet at work!! We will make sure you get real nutrition advice, that fits exactly to your lifestyle and will inspire you to want change.

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