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FASTER personal training showing how it is done!

The elite level of personal trainer for FASTER, are thorough and get great results quickly.

In this video you get to see the FASTER guys working a client who plays professional football, through all of the assessments, solutions and the

n take away techniques he will need in order to carry on playing at a high level.

Notice the intent to keep the movements true to the players needs and then the solutions get applied as close to the movement the client asks for, as possible. The range of techniques move from Functional Therapy, Fascial Manipulation, Tool assisted massage and Functional Performance training, all used to help the client become better at movement. For a footballer, that means better performance and more injury free games, to a regular every day client, it means efficient, quality movement that burn more calories and allows you to train harder…


Personal Training Pullovers

Spice up your traditional pullover workout, by adding in some additional movements.

Swimmers use dry land training to improve their swim times, distance runners use strength training to improve endurance and finishing pace and

so it seems strange that in any kind of lifting programme, we tend to stay with the same exercise to improve performance.

Todays exercise video shows how many variables you can add to your regular pullover. These exercises are mainly used in the higher rep range, and work well to engage your abdominals, while engaging your pecs, at end range. The great thing about this exercise is that as well as improving your heavy, perfect technique pullovers, it also improves your posture.

Enjoy adding some of these movements in to your workouts and feel free to share your results…

Click to see John Hardy’s profile…


Personal Training Tools

All Personal Trainers need to have the ability to adapt to the equipment available

This is a video of our FASTER Trainers in Baker Street taking changes in the floor, and using this change to produce quality exercises. We pri

de ourselves on our ability to build a diverse range of exercises, and here is just another video to prove this

It is worth noting that we take you through range training to co-ordination and even vibration training. Using the CoreTex, Stretch Cage, Reebok Core Board, Reebok Hurdles, Reebok Lateral Hurdles and the Bosu as well as many other ground influencers to make this a unique combination of exercises, designed to challenge our clients bodies in many ways. It is important to notice that Andy is pushing himself a lot at the end, just to show what too much time in a gym alone can force you to learn!

Andy Driscoll’s Personal Training Page


Personal Training Rugby

Here is a great video from one of our Personal Trainers, Si Tate.

This is a superb work out, with repetition suggestions, where the workout would be fine for a regular fitness person, as well as a more Rugby specific training session.L’entrainement Turbulence – French Turbulence Training

Why don’t you have a go at all these exercises and then let us know what you think about the workout. This was filmed in a FASTER studio, and all the exercises match our style of training, which is multi direction, multi speed, multi height and importantly replicate the motions that will be required in competitive Rugby. Additionally, Si has added a component of endurance, to make things even closer to the real game.

If you like the look of this work out, then you should click on this to get to see Si Tates profile.