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Skipping isn't just for little girls

Over the past year, I have increasingly incorporated skipping into the warm up routine of several clients. At first, some of them hate it, because they are not good at it, having never gone near a skipping rope since leaving primary school, or simply

because they are not especially well co-ordinated. Clients with MS, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD and Parkinsons, for example, will struggle with the reciprocal pattern of swinging the rope downwards and jumping over it. But there are rewards there waiting to be reaped: improved hand:eye co-ordination, as well as cardiovascular health, mobility at the shoulders and hips, and a routine that hits both upper and lower body.

So here’s my favourite warm up routine: this is a full length version, and usually I pick bits out of it, to suit the movement patterns I want to focus on.

Skipping workout

1. Double Foot Bounce Skip

2. Plank with alternating arm reach

3. Single Foot Bounce Skip

4. Squat

5. High Knees Skip

6. Mountain Climbers

7. Hop Skips

8. Squat with Front Kick

9. Skier Slalom Skip

10. Single Leg Deadlifts
(from standing lift one leg up and back and hold. Once balanced,
lean forward and reach down to touch ground. Pause, then return to start)

11. Skip Sprint -.as fast and as high as possible

12. Burpees

13. Double Foot Bounce Skip

14.  Lateral lunges to Touchdown

15. Single Foot Bounce Skip

16. Commando Planks ( press up to plank)

17. High Knees Skip

18. Alternate Lunges

19. Hop Skips

20. Core Board Step Up

21. Skier Slalom Skip

22. Skip Sprint