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How Water Can Help You Burn Fat by Gen Preece (Personal Trainer)

As a Personal Trainer, one of the first things I ask my clients when they arrive at the studio is how much water they have been drinking. And I mean good ol’fashioned H2O, not squash, tea, coffee or sports drinks.

Whatever the weather in Southampton (or wherever it is you live) the importance of water is paramount throughout the year, not just in the summer months. This article is here to shed some light on just how paramount, as well as explain how it can actually help your body to burn unwanted fat – yes really!

If we think back to our biology lessons, we may recall learning how water is involved in absolutely every bodily function. The body therefore interprets dehydration pretty much as a state of shock.

This consequently doesn’t do our hearts any favours – they are put under unnecessary pressure when we are not hydrated as our cells draw water from our bloodstream. And if you bear in mind how hard your heart will be working during your personal training session…I guess you get the idea!

Being dehydrated also means three other negative things are likely to occur:

1.     The first is that we are more likely to retain water, which is the body’s way of attempting to re-hydrate us. This is never fun for anyone, especially when we are planning on actually fitting into our clothes or hoping to eventually have to buy those of a smaller size!

2.     The second is being dehydrated can actually hinder our fat burning efforts! And here’s how:

A key function of the liver is to metabolise fat for energy. When our kidneys are deprived of water, they rely on the liver to help them out. If the liver has to do this, it means it is therefore not working to its full potential – which ultimately leads to more fat storage!

3.     Sometimes we can even misinterpret thirst as hunger. This may result in us ending up eating more than we need to when all our body really needs is a glass of water!

Now if these are not reason enough to get on the H2O then I am at a loss to what is.

If you are not a fan of water for whatever reason, you can make it slightly more interesting by adding a slice of lemon or lime (both full of antioxidants) or a load of ice (which your body will actually burn calories having to warm up) or both! The best kind of water is filtered or bottled rather than tap, but tap water is still better than no water.

If you think you’re likely to forget to drink up during the day, then start carrying a refillable bottle wherever you go. When you get home, make sure you get yourself a glass and keep it close by (and at least half full!) at all times. You’ll find this will eventually become a new habit that you do automatically, and one your body (and personal trainer!) will thank you for!

If you have found this article useful please feel free to pass it on to anyone else you feel might benefit from it.

‘Til next time, keep hydrated and H2O happy!