Training For Sport – Part 1 – Introduction

I’ll tell you straight away that this is going to be an incomplete read, I’ll be finishing this post as the week goes on… What can I say? Time is tight and I’m pretty lousy when it comes to writing long articles so I prefer to do it in a set of

sprints, rather than a long slow jog.

In this ‘interval blog’ I’d like to help those of you trying to incorporate some sports specific exercises into your gym training. I often have people asking me about the best exercises for sports such as rugby, football or golf (this incidentally is not a sport but I’m going to address it anyway) and so instead of answering you all individually, I thought I’d do it right here and save myself the masses of copying and pasting…

Ok so first up, before you lift a weight, squat jump or shake a corestick you need to have a clear idea of:

  • What it is you want to achieve/improve
  • How you intend to measure improvements
  • How much time can you give to this

If you have these, the rest is simple or at least a lot more simple! If you don’t have this information, you are going to struggle to:

  • Select appropriate exercises
  • Determine success/failure
  • Plan the training schedule

So let’s say you play football and you’re a winger and you’re looking to run faster, first up you need to determine what exactly this means. Are we talking about acceleration? Or do you mean top speed? Is this in a straight line or multiple directions?

Once you know this, the next part becomes simple enough… How do you measure that? If you’re looking to improve acceleration over a short distance across multiple directions for example, set up a series of cones across short distances in a number of directions. This will enable you to test the attributes that you are looking to improve and therefore in a month you will be able to re-test and to see whether or not your training has worked.

The final part is then to workout how much time you can dedicate to training towards your goal and get it in the diary… oh and be realistic… Don’t bullsh*t yourself!

Here ends my writing for today, I have a client in 5, but I leave you with the age old adage “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” and I’ll be back tomorrow with Part 2…

Si Tate


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