Will Howard: Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor

Southampton Personal trainer Boot camp

I have always been a keen sportsman and enjoyed fitness but have never been a huge gym bunny. I much prefer to be outside so Boot camp is ideal for me!


Tennis is my main sport and I cycle regularly and train in the movement discipline of Parkour.  As a personal trainer and exercise instructor I really enjoy helping others to achieve whatever fitness and lifestyle goal they may have through safe, effective and enjoyable exercise.


As well as teaching spinning and other studio classes I enjoy teaching Boot camp and am always excited to work with new people!  My classes are encouraging, challenging, but most of all FUN!  My main goal is to get people moving, keep fit and stay healthy.


A bit more about me:  Besides sport and fitness, my other interest is in music. From a young age I was classically trained in singing and sing regularly now. I’ve also been a drummer and percussionist since 10 years old. I have two cats and have a huge passion for animals! 


I am looking forward to getting started with existing and new members of the Boot camp and getting to know everyone!